Мне нужно сочинение по английскому языку на тему «Моя любимая книга»! Я про Тома…

08 ноября 2023

Мне нужно сочинение по английскому языку на тему «Моя любимая книга»! Я про Тома Сойера хотела… Помогите мне! Заранееспасибо!

категория: английский язык


My favorite book — «Guardian» . It was Oleg Roy.Keepers — this is a book about how the boy Jack comes to the village to his grandfather San Sanych. There he meets a girl named Olga. Soon they will learn that San Sanych the guardian books. In each volume of this book talks about the travels of the main characters of the book the world.From this book I learned about the unknown to me literary works. In the process of survival of the book the world of the heroes of the novel in funny situations and exciting history. In the first volume they struggle with mold, feeds on the historical books. In the second — looking for the mother of Zhenya, occurring in the world of books under the influence of hypnosis monster. In the third — catching book of fiery dragons. They will learn that whatever force was not a monster, with whom they fight, he always has a weak spot. They help the heroes of the books, specially caused by the human world.The book is very exciting, it is difficult to break away. I advise it to all to read. НУ В ОБЩЕМ ВОТ, НЕ ЗНАЮ ПОНРАВИТСЯ ИЛИ НЕТ, НО Я ПИСАЛА ЭТО СИЧИНЕНИЕ)

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