ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Напишите эссе на тему «Путешествия"Почему люди любят…

26 июля 2020

ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Напишите эссе на тему «Путешествия"Почему люди любят путешествовать? Плюсы и минусы учебы по обмену

категория: английский язык


In everyday life, everyone feels the pressure of circumstances, has to work every day. Routine daily activities is boredom. To replenish energy, relax and rejuvenate during the holidays, most people prefer to get away from home and enjoy your holiday to the full. People are all different and prefer different types of recreation, and various kinds of travel.*Extreme travel in order to make tickle your nerves and prove to yourself that you can overcome the fear and difficulty. Adventurous and want to feel the danger that they can conquer the summit, to curb the elements. Extreme experiences are used as a way to maintain a heightened sense of life.*Business travel attract that allow travel to work time and the expense of the employer.*Shopping trips — a kind of business travel.*Travel for culture — travel out of curiosity in order to learn something new for themselves. Tourists go to museums, sightseeing, interested in the life of people in different countries, their customs. Such travelers — gatherers of information, researchers, those who know the world.*Travel of people looking for the meaning of life, spiritual development. The way these people are looking for. Strive for excellence and self-knowledge.*Travel pilgrims who have already found their way. Pilgrims to the holy places are seeking a strong spiritual impulse, inspire action, get rid of the problem.*Travel to the sea, that is, recreational tourism. One hopes that the seaside resorts will help them recuperate, recharge your batteries. With such tourism, however, few new experiences.*Medical tourism to improve health is also popular. Treated on the waters fashionable since the nineteenth century.*There is a sports tourism — active, combining adventure and travel to new places.*Travel with the purpose of entertainment. Entertainment can be different: carnivals, beer festival or a concert of the famous star. Fans are going to see their idols.That people can get from traveling? *Can grow as a person.*Define your mission in life.*To gain new experiences and knowledge.*Start to better understand themselves and others.*Will the new experience.*Meet new people.*acquire new knowledge and skills.*Will tolerate another morality that religion. Get rid of prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.*Feel part of the whole world.*Feel curiosity about life as a child.

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